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    Social Media Influencers

    SocialMob enables social media influencers to monetize their social media success and extensive following.

    By simply selecting from a list of articles or content provided by our valued advertisers and posting them to your social media accounts, you will earn revenue each time someone clicks on your shared post.

    If any of your followers re-post or your post goes viral, you will continue to earn on each click they receive.

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    SocialMob is revolutionizing the way advertisers can increase the overall engagement from traffic being driven to their content and articles, improving their ROI.

    Advertisers list their content in the SocialMob platform with their desired cost per click. Our social media influencers will select and distribute the advertiser’s content and the advertisers will pay per click for each time a user clicks on the share content.

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    About Us

    SocialMob is a new age platform that connects social media influencers and advertisers looking to monetize their content. By using a gallery of articles and content sources, social media influencers can monetize their social media success and presence by driving engaged users to our advertisers’ websites.


    When and how do I get paid?

    You will be paid on weekly basis, after removing the invalid click from the total clicks generated between Monday to sunday.

    What are the payment methods?

    We are offering three payment methods based on the feasibility Paypal, Payoneer and Bank transfer.

    I am a publisher, how do I get started?

    Its pretty simple just sign up with us and once your details are verified, you can login to dashboard. All you have to do is choose the relevant stories from campaigns that will highly engage your audience.

    Can I have more than one account?

    No. A Publisher can have only one account per household that can be used throughout the different social/web platforms.

    How much do I earn per click?

    It all depends on the traffic you are sending to us. You can check the rates on every link, it depends on the traffic source(country).

    Am I getting paid for all of my clicks?

    Yes, it depends on the campaigns you have promoted. We are offering two rates for now - Premium and Non Premium.